I have known Teddy for about 5 years now. I can tell you, without hesitation, he is one of my favorite trainers. Teddy routinely takes the time to focus on all aspects of exercise, training, and health. In fact, Teddy’s presence in the fitness and MMA community has impacted many around him. He has shown his skills during past tournaments and now channels that into his teachings. I am grateful Without Teddy’s efforts. I strongly urge you to consider Teddy Endale, even if it’s for one session, for you will quickly discover that he is a fine person, and a great trainer.

-James Rhee

When I started training a little over a year ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had always been in good shape; ran every day, lifted weights regularly. But it was all getting boring. Then I decided to look into martial arts training. My first teacher in the sport was Teddy Endale. The guy is literally a genius when it comes to training, and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Specifically, with Thai boxing, Teddy taught me the in's and out's of combat training and competition and I am all the better person for it. I was looking for a new style of exercise and working out, and I found it. I will literally train the way Teddy trains for the rest of my life. Not only is he a great coach and incredible athlete, he is just a fun dude to be around. I was excited to go train with Teddy every day, and I always knew that I was in for a killer workout. Thanks to Teddy, I made a life change and I wouldn't trade his training and knowledge for anything."

-Matt Gordan
-Personal Trainer

Training with Teddy is a pleasure and a challenge. In a class there might be more than 10 people but the attention you get from Teddy makes it feel as if you are having a one on one session. At the end of every class when you are out of breath and there is a pool of sweat under your feet you will feel like a million bucks. I have been training with Teddy for the past 3 years in the arts of Boxing and Muay Thai and it has been an eye opening experience.

-Yasir Omar
-Business analyst

Teddy Endale has been a great help to my boxing and Thai kickboxing development. With his years of training and competition, he is able to teach the right basics, intermediate, and advanced drills depending on whatever your level of skill is at from a beginner just starting or the combat athlete ready to get into the ring. As someone with many years of experience already, I get fresh ideas and knowledge from Teddy constantly when I attend his classes."

-Matthew Stampe, 
-E-Commerce Database Administrator.


I have been working with Teddy for over two years now.Teddy is reliable and unquestionably invests himself into his students. He has an infectious positive energy, a tremendous work ethic and high standards that both inspire and challenge me on a daily basis. Teddy’s training knowledge and skills are both impressive and irrefutable, and he consistently offers constructive feedback and encouragement that have helped me to improve beyond my own conceptions of my mental and physical limitations. It is a privilege and a pleasure to train with Teddy, and I look forward to every chance I have to work with him.-Laura Macrorie-NOVA MMA member since 2009.

-Laura Macrorie  
-NOVA MMA Member since 2009


I came to Teddy looking for a different type of work out. I was extremely hesitant to start since I had no experience in any type of martial arts, but Teddy came highly recommended. I have been training with him for seven months now and I haven’t looked back. Teddy is a great teacher and he has elevated my fitness to the next level. His positive attitude, professionalism, experience and calm demeanor are a rare combination that makes coming to class a fun – but challenging experience. Teddy mixes his lessons with various drills to improve your skill and tough conditioning to improve your endurance. If you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of fighting or and fighter preparing for a major tournament, I highly recommend Teddy.” - Ryan B NOVA MMA Member-Ryan B-NOVA MMA Member.

-​Ryan B

​-NOVA MMA Member

When I first met Teddy back in 2009, I had only about one year of martial arts experience. In the two years of knowing and training with Teddy, he has helped me attain a much firmer grasp of the basics of standup fighting. And thanks to Teddy, I am much closer to my training goals! Teddy places great emphasis on footwork and technique. His sparring classes have always been great learning environments with a focus on gaining valuable experience while reducing risks of injuries. I feel what makes Teddy so good at what he does is his passion for boxing and Muay Thai, I would most definitely recommend that any prospective student give him a try!.

-Rogelio Raymond

I can't say enough about Teddy's ability as a boxing/Muay Thai coach. I've been training with Teddy for a few months now, and over this period. I've lost weight, increased my speed and endurance and learned some boxing combos I will be able to use in a ring soon. And all of this was possible because Teddy is a positive motivator, punctual, and will definitely push you and hold you accountable. Most traditional exercise bores me and l lose interest quickly, but this is fun and engaging--yet by far some of the hardest workouts I have done. Even if I am thoroughly wiped out after working out with Teddy, I always leave happy knowing that I've gotten a superb workout while learning a skill. I recommend training with Teddy to anyone who wants to get in shape, learn a skilled sport, have fun, and get away from the excruciating boredom of using gym machines and repetitive traditional fitness classes.
-Anya Sodova  
-US Department of Justice

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