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Teddy's Focus Mitts Workout:

Get ready to experience a workout that makes you mentally and physically strong while learning the BEST way to defend yourself effectively. Teddy's Focus Mitt Workout will blow your mind. With the extra level of challenge and variation, you'll never get bored and that's the key for you to obtain your fitness goal.

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I have been working with Teddy for over six years now. Teddy is reliable and unquestionably invests himself in his students. He has an infectious positive energy, a tremendous work ethic and high standards that both inspire and challenge me on a daily basis. Teddy’s training knowledge and skills are both impressive and irrefutable, and he consistently offers constructive feedback and encouragement that have helped me to improve beyond my own conceptions of my mental and physical limitations. It is a privilege and a pleasure to train with Teddy, and I look forward to every chance I have to work with him.

-Laura Macrorie 
-Former NOVA-MMA Fight Team Member & Amateur Boxer Competitor


Are you looking for a one-on-one fitness experience with a highly qualified & experienced personal trainer? Look no further!

Here at Teddy's Fitness Boxing program, we offer the BEST 1-on-1, and group training in Martial Arts and Fitness! Learn how you can transform your Body and your Mind. You can Lose Weight, Burn Fat, put on muscle, become Unbelievably strong, and if you want at the same time learn Martial Arts and Self Defense in the form of Western Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, American Kickboxing, and Karate.